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A paraphrase, or indirect quotation, translates another person’s ideas or words in your own words. Unlike summary, it doesn’t shorten or condense the original statements and is used with short passages like a sentence or two. Paraphrasing is used when you wish to incorporate the source material into your paper, thesis, or dissertation, and you cannot string together a series of quotations. While direct quotation is used when you want to preserve the sourced words initially, therefore the words of those authors should be noteworthy to quote them directly. 

During your PhD journey, you will face various obstacles. Preparing an impressive dissertation proposal is one of them. Even though your dissertation topic is approved by your supervisor, you now have to pass the hurdle of submitting a great dissertation proposal. The proposal needs to contain essential sections including introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, summary and so on. If you have no or little knowledge about writing a dissertation proposal, you may feel stressed and anxious.

Getting the right words in the right way in the right place!! That is the most difficult part of creating a questionnaire. If the wordings are slightly inaccurate, they can confuse the respondent and consequently lead to incorrect interpretation of the question. Incorrect interpretation of the questions eventually results into error in results and research findings. For avoiding these, we have prepared a checklist for you which consists the necessary questions you must ask yourself to develop a comprehensive questionnaire.

Are you looking towards developing skills that help you to develop networking and develop the base for your perfect career that you foresee after you finish your education?  For this, you must first learn to correspond effectively and build networks to stay connected. 

These days Email is an effective form of communication. But there is always a right and wrong way to do electronic communication. These  are few important but right tricks to communicate effectively:

You have your aims and objectives in place as required for your thesis. But, do you actually know what the difference between them is?