360dissertations understands how tough Masters level projects can be. The standard of a post graduate course is higher than a bachelor’s degree.

I have gone through various phases in my PhD, the good and the bad. The low and the very low also! Today when I write about it, it is easier and I can talk about it with a little bit of humour attached to it. I am much stronger today, thanks to the ordeal and a reassurance that I have it in me to survive the most daunting of challenges in my life.

There was a time when my PhD pervaded my entire life, there was misery and depression and I wondered if I could ever get out of it in my life.

Well, you know this a situation which can be tackled by you and only you. Nobody else can help you to come out of it but at the same time, though there is not much to expect in terms of help from the outside world, it is better to vent out and share how you are feeling. Whether you find people to empathize or no, you r close ones could be there for you and that support is all that you need in the time that could be the most challenging in your academic journey ever. Another sincere advice I can give is, Have fun!! Yeah, when I say that I really mean it! Move out of the vicious circle and give a break to your body and mind. Not only that, it would help to give you a third person perspective to the course and your flaws. Do not worry about delays and procrastination. A well planned break is always the right step towards timely completion of task and deadlines. On my mini break in my catastrophic days, I did all things other than work. I met friends, strolled on the beach, partied hard, baked cookies, wrote poetry and here I could see myself getting back my energy from the things I loved the most.

In brief, I would want to say that gluing yourself in isolation to your PhD is a narrow vision and perspective. The time to relax and unwind would help you to come back with a sharper focus and greater determination. Hope to see you on the other end of the catastrophe in no time!

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