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There are a lot of things that you know you should be doing when you are writing, but what about those things that you should not be doing? Has anyone ever told you about that? Here are some of the most common mistakes associated with essay writing and you must avoid them under all circumstances.

Plagiarism: This is one of the most common mistake that writers should ensure never to make. Plagiarism primarily means forwarding someone else’s hard work as yours. It is very common since the time everything has become online and available on one’s desktop. Cut copy paste is the easy alternative to writing. A lot of f people end up doing plagiarism sheer out of ignorance and never out of intention. You must be very careful of not making this mistake in research.

Messy Formatting: A bad layout of the page can make it bad to read. You must pay meticulous attention to margins, fonts, line spacing, and lengths of the paragraphs. Keep in mind what kind of formatting impresses your supervisor as it will contribute greatly into his response towards your write up.

Poor referencing: It has a link to plagiarism but authors who don’t know how to reference nicely often get into trouble. You must learn how to nicely build a bibliography and footnote in a proper manner so that without any faulty intention from your side, you don’t get caught into theft and unnecessary breaching of the rules of academic writing.

Extensive use of slangs: do not use slang in your professional writing. If at all, if you have to then you must clearly specify them in quotes. Same kind of caution needs to be applied to abbreviations and contracted words. You must take the advice of your supervisor to know where all can you take the liberty to use abbreviations.

Broken sentences: A lot of authors leave sentences half way and abandoned. It kills the essence of the entire document. Sentence has to be meaningful. You must learn the method to construct sentences effectively and meaningfully so that the essence of the sentences is not lost and there is good and sufficient connectivity in the content through the effective and appropriate use of sentences.

When you are writing for academic purpose and you are careful about these things from the very beginning, it would make the later stage of your journey simpler and easier.

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