360dissertations understands how tough Masters level projects can be. The standard of a post graduate course is higher than a bachelor’s degree.

Work well begun is half done. We have been hearing this ever since and know that when the reverse happens and there is a bad start to some work, it can get depressing and affect the quality of the subsequent work tremendously. There can be ways to get a brilliant start to your dissertation by hitting the nail on thorough dissertation proposal. Here is how:

Fore mostly, the key reason for working on a good proposal needs to be clear. It is the foundation on which the final piece of work is built as it gives the solid structure on which the dissertation is actually created. Each university has its own set of requirements when it comes to creating a proposal and the scholars lay emphasis on it usually on the basis of the marks allotted to it. I suggest that irrespective of the marks allotted, a good proposal should be emphasised upon by universities for scholars to take it seriously.

Let us first understand what the key elements of a dissertation proposal are. The general framework should have the following components:

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Aims & Objectives
  • Methodology
  • Literature Review
  • Scope & Constraints
  • Resources
  • An Outline Of Sections Or Chapters
  • References

Title deciding can be the most crucial and most tricky part of starting the dissertation and it won’t be an exaggeration to say that a good title either breaks or makes the dissertation and can even contribute in getting you employed at a suitable place. If your vision is in place and you know clearly the kind of profile you want to see yourself in, choose your topic accordingly. There are some things to keep in mind while finalising your title:

  • Choose an area of your interest so that your focus does not get diluted in the long journey that you dissertation course is
  • Get your inclination affirmed and your thoughts clearer by reading existing literature on your area of interest. Not only would it inspire you but give you the insight to add a twist and mould your research to accommodate a topic that has not been covered before but also create substantive place for your research in the academia.
  • With the experience guidance and feedback from your supervisor, you would be able to choose a topic with good potential. A good well researcher topic will keep you confident of your choice and reasons to stay focussed on the track, no matter what.

The remaining elements of the dissertation, we will discuss in the forthcoming blogs!! Happy Reading…

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