360dissertations understands how tough Masters level projects can be. The standard of a post graduate course is higher than a bachelor’s degree.

The quality of your writing reflects your thinking and vice versa. The more clear and simple you write, you are forced to understand things much better. Taking care of small little formatting guidelines and grammatical issues can have a very strong effect in enhancing the quality of your language. Here are some things to watch out for:

Connecting sentences: there has to be a logical transition from one sentence to another. English as a language becomes more effective with sentences that are shorter and connected through appropriate structuring. Do not jump or shift from one topic to another abruptly in your writing. Try to maintain the flow and in the case of jumping use right phrases such as ‘meanwhile, moreover, however etc.

Keep off from sandwiched writing: Pooling together two unrelated topics and jumbling up your ideas by sandwiching a new concept between two concepts may not be a very bright idea. When you raise any topic, say all that you want to about the topic before actually graduating to the next thing the topic leads to. In case of complex sentences also, take ideas where by one leads to the other without intervening with a new thought altogether in between.

Go by the grammar support: the grammar for English language is supportive for certain kind of sentences which are short and sharp. There are many languages that support complex sentences with lot of commas and semi colons but somehow that is a constraint with English as a language. A lot of thesis writers, get carried away with writing very complex sentences with the idea of finishing a thought in one sentence only , however there shouldn’t be any apprehension in that context, as the words that are read in one idea do remain active up to the next sentence also in the mind of the reader. The rule of thumb for English language is to make sure that sentences do not extend beyond one or two lines and as many as possible, connector words be replaced by fresh sentences that are more succinct and simple. This will add a lot of quality in the language of your thesis and make it worthy and interesting to read apart from easier to understand for many readers.

There can be many more technicalities of English language that can be applied to enhance and enrich the quality of a thesis an make writing a simpler task for not just native English speakers but also people with ESL. If you also have any tips of ideas, do share with us.

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