360dissertations understands how tough Masters level projects can be. The standard of a post graduate course is higher than a bachelor’s degree.

I want to start by saying that PhD students can make a great impact by data sharing. It isn’t easy though as it requires great amount of data management skills. Data is compressed form of hard work and hence is very useful valuable. If it is not exploited to its best capacity, it is injustice to the work. It can be used for practice, publications and grants and researchers should make its best use. Here it is to understand how,

Sharing Data Brings More Citation: Life of new age researcher has simplified after the advent of internet and it has become very easy to explore and analyse data online, like never before. If you put your data on open sharing, you are creating much wider opportunities for data citation.

Data Is Not to Be Kept Discreet: It is ok if you e data is of use to other researchers. You should open up your data with all ethical and intellectual property rights into place

Published Data Is Equivalent to a Publication: it is justified and acceptable to put your published researched data alongside your other worthy publications and add to your intellectual property. You can even add details of your published data into your CV or add onto your professional profile on websites.

It is of value to the researcher to share, open, publish data as these would give an edge to the researcher and help them to speed up their journey on the ladder of academic excellence. To add to it, shared data can help to make grant applications heavier and give an opportunity to new researchers to contribute a verse in the global research conversation. What more do you want? So if you have not done it so far, go ahead and publish your data.

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