360dissertations understands how tough Masters level projects can be. The standard of a post graduate course is higher than a bachelor’s degree.

After completing your rough draft, it is very important to revise it. It needs to be done with a holistic approach so that all aspects of the paper are dealt with and all flaws can be corrected. You need to be particularly careful about punctuation, grammar and spelling and even the tone as well, if you have a specific audience to target.

Know your proofs: at this time of your thesis you need to be sure that you have enough evidence that supports the arguments you have presented in your thesis. The proofs have to be substantive and credible. Verify your citations and check them meticulously at this stage.

Check whether you have abided by the rules: it is very important to match your document with e instructions that your university has given you and the grading parameters. Whatever little change in direction that needs to be made can be done at this stage. Make sure your document has sufficient and credible analysis that is done at the right times in the document so that everything falls into the right place and makes complete sense.

Make sure that your document is well organised: you have to look at connectivity of each paragraph and the entire document as a whole so that there is a coherent flow in your document. Wherever things are a little choppy or unlinked, switch over a few sections so that better connectivity can be established and the flow is improved. In addition, it is also important that each section should lead into the next section in a smooth manner. When you are revising individual paragraphs, ensure that the flow of each sentence is such that one leads into the other one and for that appropriate use of transition words is done.

Typographical errors: It is possible and rather quite expected that typographical errors be made by you in the document at places that may not come into notice at such a quick glance. A thorough and concentrated scan is required to find out the small and sort of hidden grammatical, punctuation and typographical errors that may happen from all authors in the writing journey.

Know well that revising the draft is a stage that is equally or if I may say more important than the writing stage as unless you haven’t made your document flawless and polished, its true worth would not really come out.

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