360dissertations understands how tough Masters level projects can be. The standard of a post graduate course is higher than a bachelor’s degree.

Penning down a research paper, rather a good research paper needs to adopt a strategy and very methodical approach for doing the same. The main steps for doing the same can be:

  1. Structure out the lists and outlines: much before actually starting to write a paper, it is important to ponder over the topic and identify few points that you need to highlight in the paper. As you move forward with doing your work you will find the place to organise these points.
  2. Critically look at the literature review: it is very important to give a balanced perspective to the compiled relevant literature. It is necessary because the repetition of work gets avoided and as a researcher you would get more in-depth understanding of the work
  3. Write the introduction first: Once you have your hypotheses I place, begin with writing the introduction.
  4. Data analysis and interpretation: This is the main crux of the paper and the analysis and interpretation of the paper is very important. Ensure to include the data summaries and the other statistical inputs so that there is enough evidence for verification of the conclusion
  5. Results: Do not exclude the illustrative material from the results section. Do include the reference for each illustration, table or figure in the text. It is also important that you lay stress on the outcome of each and every table as that is what actually novel about your study is
  6. Creating the discussion: In the discussion stage, you need to let the readers know how your research and results have contributed in bridging the gap that you identified through research. Gain a reference to the literature review is required at this stage and this time the writer gets a deeper and profound understanding of the literature review than the first time.
  7. Creating the abstract: abstract should be the last thing you write for your paper as it is a very crisp summary of your paper. It should be a very clear statement of the aims, methods, findings and interpretations. Though the title is predefined, it does get modified at this stage in accordance with the final look of the paper.

Review and modification: the paper should be self-reviewed, peer reviewed and the suggested changes should be incorporated to the best of possibility.

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