360dissertations understands how tough Masters level projects can be. The standard of a post graduate course is higher than a bachelor’s degree.

In whichever field we go, the skill of time management is is crucial to accomplish what we target by ensuring that we manage my time effectively. In the field of academia some effective strategies for time management that could be adopted are:

Prioritize well: we all have a whole lot of things to do all the time and it is not possible to do all the tasks at the same time. One needs to know how to assess the importance of tasks and ensure that those tasks that are of high priority should be accomplished first and there is no procrastination in those tasks that are of utmost importance. All those activities you think waste your time, try to remove them from your list of tasks.

Specifications: specifications of priorities is very important. Get into the habit of writing down your tasks with the reasonable time that you think you need for accomplishing the task so that when you begin you specifically and very precisely know how much you need to do in the time span you have allotted for yourself.

Set short term goals: When we have long term goals or big targets, we feel burdened and overwhelmed by their pressure and hence bring down our productivity. You need to challenge yourself, but in such a way that the big task be broken down into smaller goals which are achievable and from time to time give you a sense of accomplishment.

Use time effectively: researchers are usually hard pressed on time and it is imperative for them to use time judiciously. You can keep accomplishing shorter tasks quickly if you work in a way to use time more judiciously.

Go around creating a work environment: your surroundings play a great role in deciding the outcome of your work and the time span needed. Fix up your regular place of work and ensure that it has minimum distractions and has easy access and availability. When all things you need are easily available at your place of work you wouldn’t be able to make excuses to escape easily and run away from work

Stick around a routine: We work best with habits. When we develop a habit to do a certain thing at a particular time during the day, the brain is able to tune up to it and concentrate better. Try to be consistent in the workload you take up every day rather than getting overworked one day and not doing anything productive on other days. Not only would that hamper you quantity of work you are able to accomplish but also bring down the quality of your work.

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