360dissertations understands how tough Masters level projects can be. The standard of a post graduate course is higher than a bachelor’s degree.

When you are writing your doctoral thesis, it is a very exciting time for you as a research scholar. It is like touching the pinnacle of concentration in the academic scenario by getting to complete your research project. You must remember while writing your thesis that it consists of a large amount of information that will be read by many and also you will have to defend it in front of scholars of high repute. The thesis like dissertation faces the problem of plagiarism as one of the major and most commonly found problem. When you write hundreds of pages, simultaneously hundreds of opportunities are created to commit plagiarism. You need to be cautious and follow some simple rules to avoid plagiarism so that there isn’t any allegation of cheating on you by anyone anytime in the future.

Most of the plagiarism takes place in a thesis like lengthy document by mere accident or oversight. The most simple and useful method for avoiding plagiarism is to keep looking for it periodically during the writing process and not wait for finishing writing the entire document. Whenever you are incorporating ideas, facts or quotes that belong to other authors, it becomes necessary to cite them. You need not cite content that solely belongs to you and has been created and generated by your own thought process.

Writers must acquaint themselves with the technique of paraphrasing so that they don’t copy content word by word but rather just use the idea that is mentioned in their own words. There are certain issues of accuracy because of which the writer can get trapped in the blame of cheating. You can and should take the aid of software available online, a lot of them that can be used free off cost to understand what the content of plagiarism in your software is and also specifically identify content that has high content of plagiarism so that you could work on it further.

It is very important to note here that while writing your thesis, you keep checking all the way through the process for plagiarised content. This will make the task of doing the changes easier rather than actually waiting for the project to finish completely. As a researcher you must always use the plagiarism checker to accurately paraphrase the material so that enough and significant changes are made without actually losing or diluting the entire idea in the process.

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