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Research papers are created with an objective to convince the audience to agree with your view point. When you look around you, you may find ample topics that fall in the grey area, which can be debated and discussed upon. The job of the researcher is to find such a topic in the grey area that can be created into a persuasive research paper. Some of the key traits of a good research title are:

Debatable: A topic that is controversial is the one that has supporters and opposes in the same number. How to identify a good controversial/debatable topic? The best way can be to take a poll. Where almost the name number of people opt in favour or against of the topic becomes the most suitable one as a research title.

Thought provoking: Not all debatable topics can be thought provoking and interesting. Usually something that is associated with the lives of the people in some or the other way is interesting than something they feel completely disassociated with.

Significant: The topic has to be relevant and appropriate for the class you are writing for. It has to necessarily do justice to the subject area you are dealing with.

Obsession in the writer: This is one of the most important trait of a good research title. It is imperative for the researcher to be passionate about his topic else he would never do justice to the topic. If you. If you are in love with your topic, not only does it become easier to write but you are able to perform hard consistently and live up to the effort that it demands because it isn’t imposed on you but somebody but something you have chosen out of sheer interest in the field. Curiosity in you to find out the results will reflect in your work and in still curiosity in the reader as well.

Simple: With all the above traits, last but not the least, it is important that the title is simple and not so complex that it makes the reader lose interest all together. The usage of vocabulary and sentence structure should be as simplified as possible.

These are the important features of a good persuasive essay topic. All that’s left to do is to choose one and start defending your stance on the subject.

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