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All those who write research papers know pretty well how rejection feels. Of course, because all the premium journals in the world reject more than half the manuscripts that they receive so each one gets a chance some or the other time. What are the factors that are responsible for that?

Not following directions: As a writer, if you don’t follow the instructions given by the targeted journals related to different aspects of research, content formatting et al. Then how much ever novel your research be it would not even go up the formative stage of the review process. So, not just should you focus on the content but at the same time, also on the holistic detailing of the paper.

Not knowing about the publication trend of the paper: When you choose a journal for publication, it may be on the basis of its impact factor, reputation, and standing it holds in the academic arena. But it’s also important that you search for the kind of papers it publishes. You must read a lot of research already published in the journal before, so that you know the category it desires and the philosophy of your paper aligns and gels well with that of the paper.

Insignificant research issue: Sometimes the investigated problem isn’t vital enough. Just because you as a researcher or your co-authors find it relevant and stimulating, it will have relevance outside in the field as well. That is a wrong approach. When you want your research to have some well-meaning publication it has to be the kind of research problem that will generate attention. Good journals do not pay any head to unworthy and insignificant exploration topics.

The profile of the author: It is the truth and something to which we cannot close our eyes. If you are an amateur researcher who is still setting up his feet in the field, you may find it a challenge to get acceptance from praiseworthy journals. Even if your research is extraordinary, it is always better to have an established name associated with your paper. It does add weight. Get into co-authorship for acceptance, if you don’t want rejection on the basis of your unproven profile.

References from the journal: It is quite significant to include some references and citation from the particular journal or group of journals where you are sending your manuscript if you want them to consider your document for publication and evaluate it on other parameters.


#2 monica 2018-01-31 12:46
i just considered the content part. thanks for the guidance!
#1 Raeyishi 2017-10-17 12:52
But too much emphasis won't appear forceful?

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