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Are you looking towards developing skills that help you to develop networking and develop the base for your perfect career that you foresee after you finish your education?  For this, you must first learn to correspond effectively and build networks to stay connected. 

These days Email is an effective form of communication. But there is always a right and wrong way to do electronic communication. These  are few important but right tricks to communicate effectively:

1. Use correct grammar and do not use Tech Speak: It is always advisable to write professional Email. It means that your grammar should be impeccable and you do not talk in techie language, particularly abbreviated words. Also, note that stay away from emoticons.

2. Don’t leave the subject line blank: Write the subject clearly and in a descriptive way so that it explicitly explains the reader about what your email content is about. Vague and inappropriate subject lines should be avoided.

3. Create a professional ID: Your Email ID should be professional. Typically, it should be having your first name and last name, followed by the email provider. do not use those ids that give your nicknames or anything else that is fancy and inappropriate to use.

4. Avoid Complex sentences: Professors and guides are loaded with work. You can make things easier for them by drafting sentences that are simple and have an easy language to comprehend. Do not use filler sentences or beat around the bushes.Get to the point while writing a professional message.

5. Recheck your content: Poor spelling and grammatical goof ups leave a very bad impression on the reader. It is always important to recheck the content of the email thoroughly before pressing the send button. If it is a  crucial mail, have a friend scan it through too to get more confidence.

6. Address the contact person by name: As much as possible your email should be sent to an individual and he should be addressed in person. Avoid using Sir/Madam if possible and add a professional, yet respectful touch by addressing the person by his name incorporating an appropriate salutation.

7. Structure your Email well:  Structure your email in a logical pattern and stay away from using fancy fonts. Plain black text is the best and the simpler the font the better received is the message because of minimum distraction.



#2 Prashehy 2017-10-17 12:48
Subject line. It is hell irritating when the students do not write a simple subject line.
#1 Ryan 2017-09-12 11:42
I always used to think that advanced use of language and vocabulary is going to impress the professors most. Isn't it?

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