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It’s one of the most common habits , to delay work or to leave it to later but this habit can actually put you into a lot of trouble. More so, if you are in the field of academics. Being in the habit of delaying academic writing can actually put you in a situation where by your paper or thesis would never get written or some other researcher takes the first mover advantage from you.

It is common to hear that you shouldn’t put off what you can do today to tomorrow, but how many of us actually follow it?

Whenever we have a problem we need to first go to its root cause. The root cause of procrastination lies in the fact that those people who indulge in it are often into cost benefit analysis. More often, if the task appears unpleasant, it is put off till the time it cannot be put off any further. Of course by that stage a lot of anxiety builds up and the work is done with a lot of forced effort and the main objective at this point of time is to relieve the self from anxiety rather than constructive contribution to writing. There is a certain category of people who work best under this pressure so actually often procrastinate by choice. But how right is this approach?

The answer to the above question is debatable but one matter of fact is that procrastinators cannot produce high quality work. If you finish your work at the last minute, you wouldn’t be able to find time to proofread and hence it would be left with errors and sloppiness. It wouldn’t give you that type of sense of accomplishment that you would feel with a work that is done with a lot of thought over.

If you have learned the habit of procrastination. First of all, you must unlearn it. It isn’t easy but what is to be done is that your brain should take the unpleasant tasks first rather than later. This would help you to deal with it far more easily.

In addition, remember that work work begun is half done. If you start the project well, mostly it would lead to obsession and no stopping it till the time you finish it. Schedule work for yourself on daily basis and live up to the achievable deadline that you set for yourself. You would see that the task would turn out to be enjoyable than anything else.