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Getting the right words in the right way in the right place!! That is the most difficult part of creating a questionnaire. If the wordings are slightly inaccurate, they can confuse the respondent and consequently lead to incorrect interpretation of the question. Incorrect interpretation of the questions eventually results into error in results and research findings. For avoiding these, we have prepared a checklist for you which consists the necessary questions you must ask yourself to develop a comprehensive questionnaire.

You have your aims and objectives in place as required for your thesis. But, do you actually know what the difference between them is?

It’s one of the most common habits , to delay work or to leave it to later but this habit can actually put you into a lot of trouble. More so, if you are in the field of academics. Being in the habit of delaying academic writing can actually put you in a situation where by your paper or thesis would never get written or some other researcher takes the first mover advantage from you.

All those who write research papers know pretty well how rejection feels. Of course, because all the premium journals in the world reject more than half the manuscripts that they receive so each one gets a chance some or the other time. What are the factors that are responsible for that?

We spend years researching and reading on a topic and consequently we become a store house of information. When we sit to pen down those ideas on a piece of paper, it can be very challenging to shrink down that entire information into a stipulated word count that has been given to you. Struggling with accommodating relevant information in a limited word count is a challenge for the writers, particularly at the doctoral level where every research paper, assignment or even the thesis has a certain designated word count. Here are the ways to do it: