Your doctoral thesis is your original work that is built on a large amount of data you have collected, whether it be qualitative or quantitative. The current times where technology has made it possible to connect to not just thousands but millions of people sitting at your desk, things couldn’t perhaps be easier and better for doctiral scholars. If you so need to collect data for your thesis online, you may follow some of these tips:

Starting from where we left in the previous week:

The introduction section of your dissertation proposal gives a very clear idea to the reader about your planned direction of the study and what kind of expectations should be generated from the document. For you as a writer or a researcher, the introduction is an opportunity to further explore the original idea so that you can think more deeply about what you think you could best achieve from your dissertation. There are certain things that the dissertation should include imperatively:

Work well begun is half done. We have been hearing this ever since and know that when the reverse happens and there is a bad start to some work, it can get depressing and affect the quality of the subsequent work tremendously. There can be ways to get a brilliant start to your dissertation by hitting the nail on thorough dissertation proposal. Here is how:

A hypotheses is an assumption about a population parameter which necessarily may not be true. The starting of a dissertation research is hunches, guesses and questions, which can be either true or untrue. In fact that is the purpose of a research. The research hypotheses states ones expectations in a positive manner. The key steps for hypotheses testing are:

Research papers are created with an objective to convince the audience to agree with your view point. When you look around you, you may find ample topics that fall in the grey area, which can be debated and discussed upon. The job of the researcher is to find such a topic in the grey area that can be created into a persuasive research paper. Some of the key traits of a good research title are: