The word "Mobile" has undoubtedly become the most commonly used word we see around. It has given an altogether new dimension to research and give a context that was perhaps never understood before this. It gives a lot of advantages that the researcher seeks that are perhaps visualised or dreamt by the researcher when we wants to see the kind of perfect accuracy in hi results. To begin with, it brings into life the idea of in time feedback and creates that synergy between the respondent and researcher, even if they are at different locations from each other. There is indeed a great growth in mobile phone research but still it is not exponential, like the way it could have been. What do you think are the reasons behind it?

Obtaining a PhD degree is a dream that many scholars wish to accomplish. It means that you will establish your expertise in the respective field of your study. It requires a lot of motivation to survive through a rigorous PhD course as perpetually there needs to be a hunger and drive to know more and more. There are quite many advantages of obtaining a PhD degree but before you actually finalise the university and topic for your course, you must ask yourself some questions, essentially:

In whichever field we go, the skill of time management is is crucial to accomplish what we target by ensuring that we manage my time effectively. In the field of academia some effective strategies for time management that could be adopted are: