360dissertations understands how tough Masters level projects can be. The standard of a post graduate course is higher than a bachelor’s degree.

One of the many daunting prospects is writing a research proposal for admissions to the doctoral degree. It is one of the documents that define not only your future, but also your scores during your course. No matter what subject you choose to work on, it would define your career prospects too. Here are the important parts of a good research proposal for your PhD entrance.

Penning down a research paper, rather a good research paper needs to adopt a strategy and very methodical approach for doing the same. The main steps for doing the same can be:

A PhD programme, by and large has three official milestones to accomplish. They can be largely split into:

  • Clearing course work exams
  • Thesis proposal
  • Defence of thesis

We use various statistical tests to comprehend the significant effect between the different stimuli under testing. Specifically talking about T test and ANOVA, the t test is used for comparing the mean between two samples. It is quite a simple test to administer and is applicable when we have to compare the mean between two samples. When we talk of more than two samples, we need to administer ANOVA.

I have gone through various phases in my PhD, the good and the bad. The low and the very low also! Today when I write about it, it is easier and I can talk about it with a little bit of humour attached to it. I am much stronger today, thanks to the ordeal and a reassurance that I have it in me to survive the most daunting of challenges in my life.

Twitter has infiltrated into academia. To tweet or not to tweet is the question. Twitter does help in disseminating information, stay abreast with newer concepts and get answers to queries. Here are some tips to use twitter in a more beneficial way for research.