After having put in a lot of effort into their research and dissertation, it is common for PhD students to seek pragmatic justification for your research. I think and propagate that it is a mistake that often leads to nothing but a lot if dissatisfaction from the work. Instead, I would suggest that the work should be looked upon as an intellectual exercise which may not have any immediate value but surely some subsidiary effects that can be valuable.

A PhD can be incredibly monotonous. Though we all take up PhD in the subject we love and enjoy learning about but the repeated experiments and data handling can become endless and so very monotonous. I have done some very interesting projects in my PhD at the initial stage and now I am repeating those experiments to be able to conclude and confirm my output.

Being a researcher is the most advanced form of being in an academic journey. A researcher is expected to create new concepts and knowledge in the field of academics or even outside. I, as a researcher have found myself struggling with it often. Doing a transition of knowledge from reproduction to creation has been something I have found myself struggling with.