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360dissertations understands how tough Masters level projects can be. The standard of a post graduate course is higher than a bachelor’s degree.

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No doubt doctoral students plenty of constraints throughout their PhD journey. From the beginning of research till the final stage of dissertation completion, their troubles are endless. The sleepless nights, late night studying, meeting dreadful deadlines is what makes their PhD lives restless. Where these things are inevitable for you being a PhD student, developing thesis appears an impossible chore. Tasks such as developing a research proposal, designing research methodology, questionnaire, writing & editing thesis are much laborious. At times, students find making progress with it extremely hard and thus need external help. The PhD advisers could not assist them with their thesis development processes such as writing, editing, formatting, analysing data or cross-checking citations & references but all their pain lies around these only. Therefore, at 360 Dissertations, we make the expert help and assistance available to the doctoral students who have or on the verge of losing the sight of their PhD goals. 

The vision & mission of our PhD thesis help in Malaysia has been grounded in the belief that each and every student deserves a helping hand to stand against their difficulties to fulfill their aspiration of emerging as potential researchers. Our PhD support team is constituted of qualified academicians such as academic writers, editors, statisticians and research consultants. Whether you need help in writing a research proposal or do not know how to format & organise the chapters, which research methodology to choose and so on and so forth, our PhD thesis assistance in Malaysia are valuable in any case. For any query, you must feel free to share it with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..   

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Our services are fairly priced and are guaranteed. You can be rest assured for expert consultants handling your dissertation or thesis and free 30 days of email support with every order.

Research Design is the systematic plan that you formulate right at the onset of your thesis/dissertation. You need to be able to formulate the whole structure and contents that you want in your thesis/dissertation. The research paradigm that you will follow, the research approach that you will follow, the kind of data that you will use, what would be method of your and source of your data, how would you analyse your data so that you can interpret your results in accordance to the hypotheses stated by you. Oh wait! You have the topic, what are the hypotheses based on which you will conduct the whole research. And all these answers you cannot get them from your guide. Worried? That’s understandable but we at 360dissertation can provide you with solutions with regard to all such issues.

A thesis/dissertation becomes credible and acceptable only when it is backed by proper and prudent well planned design followed by perfect execution. In order to reduce your stress and ensure that you do not get stuck in midst of your thesis writing, being completely clueless about what to do next or what to write and present, we at 360dissertation proffer you with research design services that will equip you with the most meticulous, methodical and explicit and specific plan for your research study

Research Design

Most of the times PhD scholars are well-equipped with the basic idea following which they want to carry out their thesis/dissertation. Writing a research proposal calls for a lot of time and efforts on part of PhD research scholar which is usually not possible for them to manage owing to their workload.

This can be frustrating at times, especially when you are expected to write a well-developed and well-structured proposal in a short duration of time, with an already piled upped work load. Do not eat your own heads up, wondering about how would you handover a high-quality thesis/dissertation on time. We are here to help you in developing a well -researched and flawless research proposal for your thesis/dissertation. 360dissertation offers you with the most reliable and original research proposals. There are many companies out there which make the same claim – of providing high quality research proposals but have often been seen to be providing with plagiarized content. We take guarantee of our work and offer you with an unquestionable assurance of 0 plagiarisms. From structuring the layout of the proposal to writing its introduction, literature review, prescribed research methodology to data collection and its analysis, followed by discussions and conclusion are of exceptional standards and 100% original.

PhD Proposal Help

The data analysis is the plinth of every research as the results of the research will be derived from it. This section is the most challenging one as the chances of making mistakes is highest in this section, as you have to choose the correct tests and make sure that the chosen test are in line with the research aims and objectives and the stated methodology. And it doesn’t end here. You have to make sure that the tools and the tests are applied with utmost appreciation and interpret the results accordingly. Performing all these tasks without any error! The probability for the same seems quite low.

The task of analysing the data requires special understanding of the different statistical tools. SPSS data is one of the most widely referred statistical tool that is being used to evaluate the findings of a research study. If you are a PhD research scholar and find it difficult to analyse your research findings, then you need expert help. We at 360dissertations have an expert team of data analysts who are actually pro in handling SPSS tool and interpreting the findings derived after the data analysis. As experts, we offer you supreme-quality, merit able, reliable quantitative and qualitative data analysis to our clients and tools like SAS, STATA, E-Views are also used in accordance to the topic of research and the preference of the student

Data Analysis Using SPSS

Are you an ESL student? Are you running short of time? Do you have a lot of pending work in hand and you cannot sit and look for grammatical and punctuation and language errors in your paper? Or do you think you know your topic pretty well but for some reason you couldn’t present yourself that well? Or you think there are some core points that are missing in your paper but you cannot figure what they are! You think you need a second-set-of-eyes to go through your paper before your professor lays his/her eyes on your paper. These are some very common issues that PhD research scholars face prior to their thesis submission. You might be facing any of these problems or many of these problems or all of these problems. This is where we set in.

360dissertation proudly boasts of superlative quality editors and proof readers who have a hawk eye for mistakes. You can be rest assured that all grammatical, punctuation and language error will be well taken care of along with format and writing style check. We also offer substantive editing services where in any redundancy, weak sentence framing, and non-sequential writing structure are cross-checked and corrected to deliver excellent quality transcripts. In substantive editing, we provide content enhancement service as well and your thesis gets edited by academic editor from your subject area.

Thesis Editing and Proofreading

For any research scholar, time is very precious and always constrained. And this goes for every PhD student or research scholar without any second thoughts, that they want their paper published. So much of hard work is done with the purpose of adding something to the existing set of knowledge. This purpose gets materialized only when your hard work gets represented in the published form.

With our journal publication services, you can get guidance throughout the publication process. Our experts will assist you in forwarding your research work for submission procedure with ease. We at 360dissertation provide you with pre-submission peer review to make sure that your paper is of pristine quality and is error free. The service is essentially designed for scholars and authors who want assistance with regard to editing and submission of manuscripts of publication. We work with a team of journal and editorial experts and your manuscript gets evaluated by experts of your subject only. We guarantee that your paper will never get rejected owing to formatting and grammatical mistakes.

And for those whose paper has been rejected or has been invited for resubmission after revision – send us your manuscripts and our journal and editorial experts will make sure that your manuscript is thoroughly re-written to meet the expectations of the concerned journal.

Journal Paper Publication

For students coming from science background especially from the fields of IT, Electronic, Robotics and Communication, if you are struggling with your ideas and don’t know how to materialize them, we are here to help you.

At 360dissertation, we proffer you with all possible help (literally, all possible help) in implementing your ideas. We assist you right from the scratch in writing codebase for you that is structural sound while maintaining the best industry standards for the same. We offer you expert assistance in your PhD work projects on JAVA, MATLAB, NS2, NS3, Simulink, Labview and Hadoop. We have a supreme quality research team of language professionals who will provide you with the assessment of the requirement and scope of the implementation and accordingly will provide you with suggestions with regard to the selection of the suitable software keeping in mind the methodology adopted for the research work. We will further assist you in step-by-step, error-free implementation process. You will get our assistance till the end of your research and all your queries will be positively taken care off and if there is any doubt part, it is our responsibility to remove them for you. At 360dissertation coding of your algorithms, identification of the problem statement and the project implementation are done by top developers and architecture design experts who follow an experienced driven approach along with continuous updating.

Coding and Implementation