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Data Analysis Help using SPSS

SPSS is one of the most preferred and reliable software used by researchers for analysing questionnaire data sets which cannot be examined manually. Due to its innumerable features, scholars often stuck with the myriad functions of the application making their research project suffer. This is where our expert statisticians play a major role in helping doctoral scholars complete their research project without many convolutions. We offer data analysis service under which our expert statisticians assist the doctoral candidates in analysing their questionnaire data using SPSS, SAS and other data analysis software.

Many researchers find other more arduous ways of analysing data, not realising that there are simpler and faster ways of working with large and complicated data sets using SPSS. Researchers do not have much time to spend when they are working on a PhD report. They cannot risk the probability of any error while analysis data as it may violate the basic foundation or hypotheses of their research. That is why it is advisable for them to use modern applications to ensure that not only is their data stored properly, but also that they derive the correct output from it. Using SPSS with the help of our statisticians, researchers can generate tables, reports, charts, and plot graphs and trend lines.


  • Will you teach me how to use SPSS for analysing my quantitative data?

    Our team of statisticians help you with your data analysis if you are not making any significant progress with your quantitative data. They will not teach you analysing data using SPSS instead they will only help you at certain stages involved in data analysis.

  • I'm unable to convert string variable to date variable in SPSS. Can you help me with it?

    From converting and managing string and date variables to testing for equality of distribution, we can assist you in each of the cumbersome tasks of data handling and analysis involved in SPSS.

  • How can your statisticians help me in with the data analysis chapter of my thesis?

    Our team of skilled statisticians will guide for estimating the sample size, experimental design, data collection, data processing and analyses, hypothesis testing and preparation of data interpretation report for your qualitative or quantitative research.

  • Do you guarantee 100% accuracy of results obtained through data analysis using SPSS?

    Yes. We guarantee 100% accuracy of the results of data analysis as our statisticians leave no possibility of any accidental or intentional error while processing your data in SPSS. Our statisticians are trained with SPSS to serve our clients better. 

  • How can I connect your statistician who is handling my project?

    You will stay connected to the concerned statistician through our research consultant who will schedule Skype call for discussing the progress that has been made in your project by our statistician. You will stay connected to our team through email support also.

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