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360dissertations understands how tough Masters level projects can be. The standard of a post graduate course is higher than a bachelor’s degree.

Journal Paper Publication Help

Publishing research papers and articles in a reputed journal has become mandatory for the doctoral candidates worldwide. As the worth of publishing with journals has increased, so does the convolutions for getting the manuscripts accepted by them. At 360 Dissertations, we offer journal paper publication support to every scholar for paving the way through the hardships involved in the publication process of journals. Forming a team of expert writers and editors, we have helped more than 3276 research scholars in finding the right impact factor journal for publishing and then preparing their manuscript as per the journal's guidelines.

Our journal paper publication service in Malaysia involves:

  • Journal Selection: Experienced research consultants will help you in choosing the right journal for publishing your research paper. For this, they examine your manuscript and search for the good journals under whose aim & scope your manuscript falls.

  • Pre-submission Peer Review: Before sending your manuscript, it is advised by the experts to get it reviewed by one of your peers. We have subject-matter editors from a plethora of research disciplines associated with us who critically review and examine your manuscript. They advise you regarding the sections of your manuscript which can be enhanced or any tool through which desired data can be obtained.

  • Manuscript editing, formatting & proofreading: Our academic editor's audit and improvise your manuscript for making it influential in such a way that rejecting it on the grounds of language, writing and formatting will appear out of the question. All you must do is to enlighten our editors of journals' as well as your requirements so that they can work on your manuscript accordingly.

  • Corrections as per feedback: Understanding the reviewer's comments on your manuscript and making corrections as per his feedback are both unmanageable and back-breaking job. However, it can be done smoothly with ease when you get support from a skilled editor & writer. Our professionals are skilled and proficient in refining the research manuscript according to the feedback. Be it any writing flaw or conceptualisation issue; we can deal with all your problems with our team. 

Where we endeavour to increase the chances of your publication in impact factor journals, journal paper publication is mainly dependent upon the merit of your research. Therefore, we do not guarantee that after availing our journal paper publication help in Malaysia, your paper will surely get published since we do not have any tie up with any journal. If you have any doubt, share your query with us by writing to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.